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January 2006

What's new in January 2006


The DeVilbiss MBC-510 hand spray gun has met with unparalleled success in the in- and offshore oil production corrosion control industry.

Refinery and chemical plant personnel, as well as bridge maintenance contractors, have found the MBC to be the most productive way to apply coatings for protection against corrosive environments-thereby extending the life of their equipment. The MBC's versatility also provides an advantage for maintenance contractors who work with a variety of coating materials.

Particularly in the case of oil rigs, salt-water exposure creates a heightened demand for protection of valves, pipes and pipefittings. The MBC-510 has proven to be the most productive method of providing this protection.

The MBC gun's unique design combines a forged aluminum body with a removable forged plated brass spray head. The gun is ideally suited for applications that require maximum output and quick changeovers, and is the most versatile heavy-duty construction gun available.

The DeVilbiss MBC-510 Hand Spray Gun offers:


  • Removable forged brass spray head for reduced downtime for nozzle combination changeovers
  • Cartridge type air valve for easy replacement and repair
  • Forged aluminum gun body for maximum strength and durability with minimal weight
  • Large air and fluid passages for reduced cleaning time
  • Compatibility with a variety of air caps and fluid nozzles for a broad range of production applications


Finding innovative solutions to spray finishing problems has been the philosophy of DeVilbiss for over 100 years. For further information about DeVilbiss spray finishing products, please call Customer Service at 1.800.992.4657 .