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2006 February

What's new in February 2006


DeVilbiss announces that its VTX Spray Gun has drastically improved the finished quality of cabinets and wood products manufacturers:


  • Dubois Equipment Company, a wood customization service company, employed the VTX to achieve the performance and durability required to produce a high quality product in the most effective manner. The consistent color repeatability and match provided by the VTX eliminated the need to apply thick layers of stain and then remove the excess to achieve a uniform result. Dubois saw a dramatic reduction in mottling, and realized an immediate savings in staining material.
  • Precision Cabinets & Trim, a premier custom cabinet manufacturer, reported a 40% reduction in waste since using the VTX Spray Gun, and has noted that the VTX provides a superior finish and requires less cleaning than previous spray guns.

The VTX Spray Gun is the first to employ Jet Impingement Atomization (JIA) to revolutionize wood finishing stain application. This method significantly improves pattern coverage uniformity, resulting in a quality finish without rework, even when working with recessed corners and beaded insets.

Finding innovative solutions to spray finishing problems has been the philosophy of DeVilbiss for over 100 years. For further information about DeVilbiss spray finishing products, please call Customer Service at 1.800.992.4657 .