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Compact MINI Trans-Tech  

Compact Mini Trans TechDescription:

The Compact MINI incorporate sensitive fan control into the comfort of a full-size gun.  The "Green" compact gun utilizes the very latest advances in computational fluid dynamics.  This results in superior atomziaiton with the new DeVilbiss TRANS-fer TECHnology.


Name:  Compact MINI Trans-TechTouch-Up
Model:  COMM-sss-ss (user selects, see table below)
Technology:  Trans-Tech 
Construction:  Anodized aluminum
Weight:  15.0 oz. (425 g) gun only, 17.1 oz. (485g) with cup
Air Supply Connection:  Univeral 1/4" BSP and 1/4" NPS male
Color:  Green

Part Number Description
COMM-RS1-08 Round Spray Trans-Tech 0.8 mm Fluid Nozzle
COMM-TS1-10 Trans-Tech 1.0 mm Fluid Nozzle
COMM-TS1-12 Trans-Tech 1.2 mm Fluid Nozzle


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