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Compact Pressure Feed Trans-Tech Spray Gun  

Compact Trans-Tech Pressure FeedDescription:

Maximum efficiency with environmental responsibility.

Designed for superior finish performance, Built for ergonomic comfort, energy savings, maximum efficiency and environmental responsibility, Tested and approved worldwide.

Name:  Compact (Green)  Pressure Feed
Model:  COM-PSxxx-xx-xx (user selects,  3 Air Caps to choose from)
Gun Category:  Conventional
Gun Type:  Manual
Fluid Passages: Stainless Steel
Air Inlet: 1/4" Universal Thread
Fluid Inlet: 3/8" Universal Thread
Weight: 14.6 oz. (412g) gun only
Feed Type:  Pressure
Construction: Drop Forged Aluminum
Color:  Green

Air Cap Number   510 513 522
Spray Gun Type   Manual & Automatic Manual & Automatic Manual & Automatic
Fluid Tip Dia. .033 (.85 mm)  L L L
Fluid Tip Dia. in/mm .039 (1.0mm) LM LM LM
Fluid Tip Dia. in/mm .055 (1.4mm) M M M
Fluid Tip Dia. in/mm .070 (1.8 mm) M, H M, H M,H
Fluid Tip Dia. in/mm .086 (2.2 mm)     H

L - Low Viscosity (20 sec. Zahn 2 and Lower)                  M -Medium Viscosity (31-45 sec. Zahn 2)

LM - Low to Medium Viscosity (21-30 Viscosity               H - High Viscosity (46 sec. Zahn 2 and Higher)

(21-30 sec. Zahn 2)   

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