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FLG-MGQ-700-FL Pressure Feed Spray Gun  


MGQ is our value-priced gun!   Used where good atomization is required, it is good for wood trim, shutters, wood decks, and more.  Great for D-I-Y use or occasional jobs.  Can be used with many different types of coating applications such as stains and latexes. Key features include:

  • Siphon gun
  • Cup lid is built into the gun
  • Internal mix air nozzle provided
  • Good quality construction at an economical price

Name:  FinishLine Pressure Feed

Model:  FLG-MGQ-700-FL

Gun Category:  Conventional

Gun Type:  Manual

Fluid Passages: Aluminum

Fluid Inlet: 3/8" BSP(F)

Air Inlet: 1/4" NPS (M)

Weight: 21.4 oz. (608 g) w/cup

SCFM at 30 psi:  2.6

Construction: Aluminum

Feed Type: Siphon Feed


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