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Compact I Trans-Tech Auto Spray Gun  

DeVilbiss Compact Automatic X


A highly sophisticated automtic gun, the Compact Automatic X can be detached from its mounting block in a few seconds via the easy thumb release mechanism, for fast and easy maintenance and serviceability.  This special feature from DeVilbiss dramatically reduces production downtime. In addition, the DeVilbiss Compact Automatic "X" has all the features of the Compact Automatic "I" .

  • No tools required for detachment
  • Recirculating and non-recirculating gun head -- all in one
  • Fixed gun positioning
  • Small foot print

Name:  Compact Automatic Trans-Tech (Green) Spray Gun

Model:  CMAI-xxx-xxx Compact Automatic "I" 

Fluid Inlet & Recirculation:  1/4" BSPP (F)

Air Inlet (atomization & fan) "A" & "F":  1/4" BSPP (F)

Max. Temperature in Use:  104°F (40°C)

Gun Weight:  950 gms or 2.0 lbs.

Construction:  Aluminum hard anodized

Tip / Needle / Sprayhead:  303 gr. stainless steel

Air Cap Number   510 513 522 590 591
Spray Gun Type    Automatic  Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Fluid Tip Dia. in/mm .020 (.50 mm)       L L
Fluid Tip Dia. in/mm .033 (.85 mm)  L L L    
Fluid Tip Dia. in/mm .039 (1.0mm) LM LM LM    
Fluid Tip Dia. in/mm .055 (1.4mm) M M M    
Fluid Tip Dia. in/mm .070 (1.8 mm) M, H M, H M, H    

 L - Low Viscosity (20 sec. Zahn 2 and Lower)           M - Medium Viscosity (31-45 sec. Zahn 2)

LM - Low to Medium Viscosity (21-30 sec. Zahn 2)  H - High Viscosity (46 sec. Zahn 2 and Higher)

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