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Compact Automatic X HVLP Spray Gun  


The DeVilbiss Compact Automatic X spray gun is a highly sophisticated automatic gun that can be detached from its mounting block in a few seconds via the easy thumb release mechanism, for fast and easy maintenance and serviceability.  This special feature from DeVilbiss dramatically reduces production downtime.

  • No tools required for detachment
  • Recirculating & non-recirculating gun head - all-in-one
  • Fixed gun positioning
  • Small footprint



Name:  Compact Automatic X HVLP Spray Gun

Model:  CMAX-xxx Compact Automatic "X"  (user selects)

Fluid Inlet:  1/4" NPT (F)

Air Inlet:  1/8" NPT (F)

Cylinde Air Inlet:  1/4" NPT (F)

Max. Temperature in Use:  104°F (40°C)

Gun Weight:  950 gms or 2.0 lbs.

Construction:  Aluminum hard anodized

Tip / Needle / Sprayhead:  303 gr. stainless steel

Air Cap Number   506 507 508
Spray Gun Type    Automatic  Automatic Automatic
Fluid Tip Dia. in/mm .033 (.85 mm)   L  
Fluid Tip Dia. in/mm .039 (1.0 mm) LM LM LM
Fluid Tip Dia. in/mm .055 (1.4mm) M M LM
Fluid Tip Dia. in/mm .070 (1.8 mm) M, H M, H  

L - Low Viscosity (20 sec. Zahn 2 and Lower)           M - Medium Viscosity (31-45 sec. Zahn 2)

LM - Low to Medium Viscosity (21-30 sec. Zahn 2)  H - High Viscosity (46 sec. Zahn 2 and Higher)

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