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Automatic HVLP Spray Gun  

AGXV Automatic HVLP Series GunDescription:

Designed for use with robots, automatic machines and stationary mounting, the AGXV Automatic spray gun is built to withstand the harsh conditions common to automatic spray finishing applications. Only two moving parts for greater reliability and easier maintenance. Patented PTFE needle packings are spring loaded for extended service. Abrasive fluid packing available as an option for more abrasive coatings. Detachable spray head for fast needle packing replacement. Circulating capability standard. Optional remote fan control.

Name:  AGXV HVLP Automatic Spray Guns
Models:  AGXV-xxx-x (user selects, see table below)
Construction: Machined aluminum
Weight: 26 oz (728 gr) without mounting stud,30 oz (840 gr) with mounting stud
Air Inlet: 1/4" NPS (M)
Fluid Inlet: 3/8" NPS (M)
Fluid Passages: 300 grade stainless steel
Feed Type: Pressure feed
Service Bulletin: SB-2-628
Gun Repair Kit: KK-4992-1

Model No.
(Avail. tip sizes)
Typical Applications HVLP Air Cap Used FluidTip/Needle Construction
AGXV-540 (E, FF, FX) Most  common finishing materials includining some waterbornes and chlorinated solvents. 28 or 33A 400 Gr. Stainless
303 Gr. Stainless
AGXV-541 (D, E,  FF, FX) High solids )low VOC's) coatings which are difficult to atomize with HVLP, or high flow rates. 46MP or 83MP 400 Gr. Stainless
303 Gr. Stainless
AGXV-543 (FF, FX) Same as AGXV-541 except for more corrosive materials (below 7 pH) 46MP 303 Gr. Stainless w/U.H.M.W.


Tip Size
D .086" (2.2 mm)
E .070" (1.8 mm)
FF .050" (1.4 mm)
FX .042" (1.1 mm)
G .028" (.7 mm)




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