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AGX Automatic Spray Guns  

 AGX Automatic Air Spray Gun Series GunDescription:

Built to withstand the rigors of high-speed production lines and harsh finishing conditions, the AGX automatic air spray gun is engineered for rugged reliability. Designed for use with industrial robots, reciprocators and stationary mounting, the AGX spray gun's compact size allows mounting in tight areas. Simplified gun design for greater reliability and ease of maintenance. Detachable spray head for fast needle packing replacement.

Name:  AGX Automatic Spray Gun

Models:  AGX-xxx-x (user selects - see tables below)

Construction: Machined aluminum

Weight: 26 oz (728 gr) without mounting stud, 30.5 oz (854 gr) with mounting stud

Air Inlet: 1/4" NPS (M)

Fluid Inlet: 3/8" NPS (M)

Fluid Passages: 300 grade stainless steel

Feed Type: Pressure feed

Gun Repair Kit: KK-4992-1


Model No.

(Avail. tip sizes)
Typical Applications FluidTip/Needle Construction
AGX-550 (AC, D, E, FF, FX, G) Most conventional materials and most waterbornes and chlorinated solvents 400 Gr. Stainless

300 Gr. Stainless
AGX-552 (D, EE, FF) Abrasive materials (i.e. porcelain enamel, ceramic glazes, buffing compounds) and/or water mix materials.  Includes abrasive seal. Carboloy
AGX-553 (E, FF, FX) Waterbornes and more corrosive materials (below 7 pH) 303 Gr. Stainless w/U.H.M.W. poly. insert)
Tip Size
AC .110" (2.8 mm)
D .086" (2.2 mm)
E .070" (1.8 mm)
EE .070" (1.8 mm)
FF .050" (1.4 mm)
FX .042" (1.1 mm)
G .028" (.7 mm)



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