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Centrifugal Coalescer Filter Units  

Clean Air Coalescer UnitsDescription:

CleanAir coalescer filters remove water, dirt and oil from the system down to .01 micron. DeVilbiss coalescer filter units are designed with a quick-release bowl and spin-off element for filter changes without tools. In addition, a filter-change indicator alerts the operator when the element requires changing. Ideal for most spray applications, especially where oil aerosols may be a problem. Automatic bowl drain and 6' hose eliminate oil and water buildup (standard feature), so there is no need to manually drain the system.

Name:  Centrifugal Coalescer Filter Units
Models: HAF-508 and HAF-509 (see table below)

PART NO. HAF-508 Coalescer* HAF-509 Centrifugal & Coalescer
Centrifugal Filtering Capacity (micron)  5 5
Coalescer Filtering Capacity (micron) .01 .01
Flow Rate (CFM) 150 @ 90 psi 150 @ 90 psi
Max. Inlet Pressure 150 150
Max. Operating Temp. 150°F / 65.6°C 150°F / 65.6°C
Inlet Port Size 3/4" NPT (F) 3/4" NPT (F)
Outlet Port Size 3/4" NPT (F) 3/4" NPT (F)
Bowl Capacity 34 oz. 34 oz.
Shipping Wgt. 3lbs. 2 oz. 6 lbs. 3 oz.

* HAF-508 coalescer filter should be used in conjunction with a centrifugal type filter to remove the majority of water, oil and dirt, prior to the coalescer fitler.

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