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HAR-501 Air Regulator, Extra Sensitive  

HAR-501 Extra Sensitive RegulatorDescription:

Extra Sensitive regulator for use with precision control on pressure feed tanks or other dead-end applications. Self-relieving regulator. Tough, reinforced Buna N diaphragm for extended service life. 100 mesh stainless steel strainer. Removable bottom plug for easy service. Forged brass body and stainless steel or brass internal parts for long service. High ratio of diaphragm surface to orifIce area provides stable, uniform regulation.

Name:  Extra Sensitive Regulator
Model:  HAR-501
Flow Rate: 15 cfm
Regulated Press. Range: 0-20 psi
Max. Air Inlet Press.: 250 psi
Max. Operating Temp.: 120┬║ F
Inlet Port Size: (1) 3/8" NPT (F)
Weight: 2-1/4 lbs.
Regulated Outlets: (1) 3/8" NPT (F)
Repair Kit: KK-4200

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