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Air Regulators - 40-60 CFM  

General Purpose HAR Air RegulatorsDescription:

General purpose regulators for line takeoff use or as integral regulators on pumps, pressure tanks and other air operated devices.  Self-relieving design.  Requires separate trap or filter in air line to remove moisture or dirt. 

  • Unique three position, non-rising adjusting knob
  • Removable plug and cap
  • All metal body, durable Delrin® cap and knob, Buna N diaphragm and disc
  • Accurate regulator mechanism provides precision air control
  • Self-relieving design
  • Both main line and regulator outlets available from same units

Name:  General Purpose HAR Air Regulators

Models:  HAR-507, HAR-511, HAR-535, HAR-555, HARG-510 (see table below for details)


PART NO. HAR-535 HAR-555 HAR-507 HAR-511 HARG-510

Max. Flow Rate 40 40 60 60  
Regulated Pressure Range (psi) 0-125 0-125 0-125 0-125 0-160
Max. Air Inlet Pressure 250 250 250 150 300
Max. Operating Temp. 120° 120° 150° 150° 150°
Inlet Port Size  3/8" NPT (F)  3/8" NPT (F) 3/8" NPT (F) 3/8" NPT (F) 1/4" NPS (M)
Regulated Outlets  3/8" NPT (F) 1/2" NPT (F) (3) 1/4" NPT (F)

(1) 1/4" NPT (F)

(1) 3/8" NPT (F)

1/4" NPS (F) 

Repair Kit KK-4139-3 KK-4139-3 KK-4977 KK-4977 KB-428-1

* Includes GA-338 Gauge

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