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PLH-NP Tubing and Connections  

PLH-NP Nylon Tubing Description:

Can be used for all types of air and fluid applications where durable, lightweight tubing is desired. Tube is unaffected by paint, enamel, lacquer, solvents, and water based materials. It is also not affected by oil when used for an air line. Seamless extruded construction. Inside and outside dimensions held to close tolerances. Translucent white color.

Name:  PLH-NP  Nylon Tubing
Models:  PLH-NP-2 and PLH-NP-4 (see table below for details)
Material: Nylon
Maximum Working Pressure:  250 psi
Nylon Tubing Connection:  PLH-1838-SS, fits PLH-NP-2 Tubing
                                                 Outlet Thread: 3/8" NPS (F) Swivel
                                                 Body:  Stainless Steel



Replaced by Binks 71-230

I.D. Size 1/8" 1/4"
O.D. Size .225" .350"