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HGS Fluid Regulators  

 HGS Fluid Regulators-Air PilotDescription:

DeVilbiss HGS fluid regulators handle the highest fluid input pressure in the industry - up to 300 psi. They deliver the broadest range of regulated output fluid pressure, from 2 to 100 psi. A full line of standard models are available including gun mount, remote mount, circulating, non-circulating, and tamper-resistant. On some models stems and t-handle kits must be ordered separately (consult factory).

Name:  HGS Fluid Regulators, Air Pilot, Manual Adjust, Tamper Resistant

Models:  User selects, see table below

HGS-5112 Air Pilot, Recirculating 1/4" NPSM (M) 3/8" Swivel
HGS-5113 Air Pilot, Recirculating 1/4" NPSM (M) Standpipe
HGS-5122 Air Pilot, Recirculating 3/8" NPSM (M) 3/8" Swivel
HGS-5132 Air Pilot, Recirculating 1/8" NPT (F) 3/8" Swivel
HGS-5133 Air Pilot, Recirculating 1/8" NPT (F) Standpipe
HGS-5211 Manual Adjust 1/4" NPSM (M) Bayonet +
HGS-5212 Manual Adjust 1/4" NPSM (M) 3/8" Swivel
HGS-5221 Manual Adjust 3/8" NPSM (M) Bayonet +
HGS-5222 Manual Adjust 3/8" NPSM (M) 3/8" Swivel
HGS-5231 Manual Adjust 1/8" NPT (F) Bayonet +
HGS-5232 Manual Adjust 1/8" NPT (F) 3/8" Swivel
HGS-5233 Manual Adjust 1/8" NPT (F) Standpipe
HGS-5239 * Manual Adjust 3/8" NPSM (F) 3/8" NPSM (M)
HGS-5242 Manual Adjust 3/8" NPS (M) 3/8" Swivel
HGS-5313 Tamper Resistant 1/4" NPS (M) Standpipe

 * Manual, non-circulating single gun fluid regulator, primarily used in conjunction with fluid pumps or dead end systems.  Install at pump or tank, no gun.

+ Stems not included, purchase separately.

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