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WhirlWind In-Line Filter  


The WhirlWind disposable in-line filter attaches to the base of the spray gun or air tool to remove any remaining water, oil, dirt and rust from the air line. This high-quality, high-flow, solvent-resistant air filter has a very low pressure drop and has a floating filter that automatically adjusts for changing air conditions. * Air is swirled to trap droplets, then filtered to absorb remaining particulates. * Multi-layer design extends life, so unit lasts up to 40% longer than other filters. * Perfect for use with HVLP guns, WhirlWind provides 55% more air flow than other filters.

Accessory #: HAF
Material: Solvent-resistant Delrin plastic
First Thread: 1/4" NPS (M) x 1/4" NPS (F)
Max. Working Temp.: 50ºF-110ºF
Max. Working Pressure: 125 psi PSI
Quantity per package: 12 filters per dispenser carton
Service Bulletin: SI-8-10-1