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frc-650FRC-650 All-In-One combines a filter, regulator and coalescer for shop air into one compact unit. Four 1/4" NPS (M) ball valves with unrestricted air passages, (three regulated plus one unregulated outlet.) Ball valves inclined 45º—avoids kinking of hoses, which increases life span. Robust and durable. Solvent-resistant filter bowl and body is indispensible in the spray area. Solvent- and slip-resistant knob for easy air adjustment. Automatic drains at each stage eliminate water build-up—no need to manually drain.

Flow Rate: 100 cfm
Regulated Press. Range: 0 –125 psi (0 – 8.8 kgf/cm2)
Max. Air Inlet Press.: 175 psi (12.3 kgf/cm2)
Max. Operating Temp.: 170ºF / 80ºC
Main Air Inlet: 1/2" Pipe Thread
Main Line Outlet: 1/4" NPS (M)
Regulated Outlets: 3
Non-Regulated Outlets 1
Service Buletin: SB-6-377
Repair Kit: K-4100,K4103,K4105,K4106,K4107