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Hose / Gun Cleaner  

HD-503 Hose and Gun CleanerDescription:

This hose/gun cleaner provides a means of cleaning the inside of material hose, fluid passageways of spray guns and other paint equipment. It is designed to mix solvents and compressed air to pressure flush paint lines and passages quickly and thoroughly, eliminating color contamination and saving time. This results in clean and dry paint passageways using less than 25% of cleaning solvents required in wet flush systems.


Name:  Hose / Gun Cleaner

Model:  HD-503

Construction: Aluminum, Nickel Plated Brass

Capacity:  2 quarts

Weight:  5 lbs.

Maximum Working Pressure:  50 psi

Air Inlet Size:  1/4: NSP (M)

Fluid Outlet Size:  3/8" NPS (M)

Wetted Parts:  Aluminum, nickel plated brass, PTFE™ and Thiokol gaskets.